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The following materials were released by Kookmin Bank on May 30, 2003.

Press Release

On May 30, 2003, Kookmin Bank announced its merger with Kookmin Credit Card
pursuant to which it will integrate Kookmin Credit Card's business with its BC
card business unit. Kookmin Bank executed a merger agreement with Kookmin Credit
Card on the same date.

The goals of this merger are to:

..  alleviate the difficulties that Kookmin Credit Card is experiencing with
   respect to its capital adequacy;

..  maximize management efficiency and further enhance Kookmin Bank's credit
   card business; and

..  assist Kookmin Bank in developing a leading credit card business in Korea.

Pursuant to Article 527-3 of the Korean Commercial Code relating to small-scale
mergers, Kookmin Credit Card will be merged into Kookmin Bank and cease to exist
after the merger is complete. The merger date is expected to be September 30,
2003. Pursuant to the merger ratio based on Article 36-12 of Enforcement
Regulation of the Korean Securities and Exchange Act and the Article 84-7 of
Enforcement Decree of the Korean Securities and Exchange Act, each holder of one
common share of Kookmin Credit Card will receive 0.442983 common share of
Kookmin Bank. The board of directors of both Kookmin Bank and Kookmin Credit
Card approved this merger on May 30, 2003.

Through establishing a unified credit card business, Kookmin Bank believes it
can further enhance this business by focusing on its growth potential and
maximizing management efficiency. This merger will enable Kookmin Bank to
strengthen its competitiveness in the credit card business by enabling it to
flexibly respond to the dynamics of the changing market environment, efficiently
allocate its resources and reduce costs.

Kookmin Bank also believes that the merger with Kookmin Credit Card is the most
effective way to alleviate concerns over Kookmin Credit Card's capital adequacy
and assist in restoring market confidence. Kookmin Bank plans to develop the
credit card business as a core business, so as to become a leader in this

Considering the unique characteristics of the credit card business, Kookmin Bank
plans to provide the unified credit card business with as much operational
autonomy as possible. In order to fully utilize Kookmin Credit Card's
organizational merits, the unified credit card business will be integrated based
on the platform of Kookmin Credit Card.

As there will be no major changes with respect to the basic infrastructure,
organization or operational systems of Kookmin Credit Card, Kookmin Bank does
not believe that existing customers of Kookmin Credit Card will experience any
interruptions or difficulties in using their credit cards.

It is expected that this merger will not only stabilize the domestic financial
and credit card debenture markets, but may also be a first step in credit card
industry restructuring in Korea.