Form 6-K


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Form 6-K







For the month of August 2005



Kookmin Bank

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9-1, 2-Ga, Namdaemun-Ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Korea 100-703

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Misappropriation of Certificates of Deposit


On July 27, 2005, at the request of the Korea Exchange (KRX), Kookmin Bank publicly disclosed the misappropriation of certificates of deposit (“CDs”) by one of its employees.


On August 26, 2005, Kookmin Bank confirmed the following information on July 27, 2005 relating to the forged CDs.


  1. Total amount of misappropriation: 65 billion Won1


  2. Incident Summary


  - Kookmin Bank believes that one of its employees issued forged CDs amounting to 40 billion Won and 25 billion Won respectively, conspiring with entities that engage in private money lending and suspected criminal syndicates.


  - That employee exchanged the forged CDs with lawful CDs kept at Kookmin Bank. Upon presentation of the lawful CDs to a Korean securities company, the employee is believed to misappropriate 65 billion Won.


  3. Follow-up with respect to the incident


  - Filed charges against the employee at the regional police office in Korea


  - Requested an injunction, which prevents persons associated with the misappropriation from leaving Korea


  - Traced the misappropriated funds’ flow


  - Filed an insurance claim


  - Executed legal procedures to attach available properties


  4. Measure for the fraudulent CDs incident


  - Lawful CDs: although Kookmin Bank will liquidate the CDs at their scheduled maturity, if there is confirmation of fraudulent conveyance or willful misconduct involving the purchase of the lawful CDs, Kookmin Bank will seek compensation from those liable parties.


  - Forged CDs: liquidation will be deferred until it is confirmed that Kookmin Bank has a responsibility for forged CDs.


If Kookmin Bank discovers any further material information with respect to the forged CDs, we will disclose such information with the relevant authorities.

1 Kookmin Bank and relative authorities are still on process of investigating the origination of the forged CDs so that total amount of misappropriation is subject to be changed.





Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.



Kookmin Bank



Date: August 26, 2005


By: /s/ Kap Shin






Kap Shin




Executive Director / Senior Executive Vice


& Chief Financial Officer