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FOX Nation to Premiere New Docuseries “My Son Jeffrey: The Dahmer Family Tapes” on September 18

True Crime Series Features Never-Before-Heard Conversations Between Jeffrey Dahmer and his Father Lionel Dahmer & Home Movies

FOX Nation, FOX News Media’s subscription-based streaming service, will present a new docuseries My Son Jeffrey: The Dahmer Family Tapes on September 18th, announced FOX Nation President Jason Klarman. The four-part limited series features exclusive never-before-heard conversations between serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer and his father Lionel, along with exclusive Dahmer family home movies. The series offers brand new insight into one of the world’s most infamous string of crimes that led to a Wisconsin court sentence of 957 years in prison. A trailer can be accessed here.

In making the announcement, Klarman said, “The Jeffrey Dahmer case has captivated the public for over three decades and now with these exclusive tapes released for the very first time, viewers will hear from Dahmer in his own words and get insight into his relationship with his father.”

Breaking news of Dahmer’s arrest in May of 1991 shocked America as the Milwaukee Police Department made a gruesome discovery. The crime scene was a death factory where several decapitated human heads and numerous dismembered bodies were found. Unable to hide the shocking evidence, Jeffrey Dahmer had no choice but to confess to the police. He admitted to having killed 17 young men under very disturbing circumstances, sharing details about his modus operandi and guiding the authorities through the evidence. Victims' families, whose loved ones had been missing for years, finally got answers.

From his cell at Columbia Correctional Institution, Jeffrey Dahmer shared his darkest secrets about his atrocious crimes with his father Lionel who recorded their conversations, hoping to learn how his son had lost control. Over the course of four hours, these tapes, now made public for the very first time, provide a disturbing look into Jeffrey Dahmer, and how he became known as “The Milwaukee Monster”. With unprecedented first-hand testimonies from Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood friends, college roommates, neighbors, law enforcement agents and voices of those affected by his horrific rampage, the series uncovers Dahmer’s life, from his early years to his sudden prison demise.

Those interviewed for the series include: high school friend of Dahmer, Mike Kukral; retired Milwaukee Police Department Lieutenants Kenneth Meuler and Michael Dubis, who were both called to the crime scene on the night of the arrest and were directly involved in overseeing the case; retired FBI profiler, Dan Craft who interviewed Dahmer and profiled him for the FBI on three occasions; Michael Prochaska, Dahmer’s college roommate; and survivor Ronald Flowers, who managed to escape after four days being held hostage and sexually abused by Dahmer.

My Son Jeffrey: The Dahmer Family Tapes is produced by Renowned Films.

Episodic Descriptions

Episode One: ABANDONED

A young Jeffrey Dahmer matures in a broken household. In his own chilling words, he reveals details of his morbid path towards his first murder, mirroring his father’s early troubled fantasies.

Episode Two: ENLISTED

Unaware of his son’s first murder, Lionel Dahmer sends Jeffrey away, first to college, then to the Army. As an Army medic with access to drugs, Jeffrey starts terrorizing his roommate before he’s honorably discharged.

Episode Three: UNLEASHED

Jeffrey Dahmer moves to Milwaukee, free to prey on the city's thriving gay scene. Unbeknown to his family, skilled conman Jeffrey lives out his darkest fantasies, killing and cannibalizing 15 young men and boys in just over three years.

Episode Four: DISCOVERED

Jeffrey Dahmer is arrested and sentenced to life. Behind bars he seeks redemption and reconnects with his father through religion. For the victim's families and friends, the pain continues.

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