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Americans Embracing Possibility of Living to 100, Many Expecting Over Three Decades of Retirement

New research from Corebridge Financial and The Longevity Project finds 54% want to live to 100 with a plurality still planning to retire by 65-69

More than half (54%) of Americans say it’s their goal to live to 100, according to a new study from Corebridge Financial and The Longevity Project. Family, friends and new experiences are seen as the top benefits of a very long life, with 72% of respondents citing continued meaningful relationships with family and friends and 65% looking for more time to explore and have new experiences.

Despite wanting to celebrate a 100th birthday, many do not expect to delay their retirement to fund longer lives, as a plurality still plan to retire between ages 65-69 (40%), possibly enjoying three-plus decades in retirement. While 26% believe they will need to work past 70, a smaller number (22%) expect to retire between ages 62-64, and only 12% between 50-61. When it comes to retiring early (ages 50-61), Generation Z is the most optimistic, with 17% seeing this as a possibility.

“A longer life presents exciting new opportunities but will require thoughtful planning and purposeful action,” said Bryan Pinsky, President of Individual Retirement at Corebridge Financial. “Balancing the age you want to retire with your financial situation can be challenging. Individuals need the right financial strategies and solutions to help ensure they can pursue quality of life without outliving their money.”

Financial Concerns Tied to Longer Lives

Today’s and tomorrow’s retirees could spend more than 30 years in retirement, but the prospect of living a long life is tempered by financial worries. Two-thirds of Americans (66%) fear running out of money more than death, and these concerns appear to be rooted in assessments of and expectations for their retirement savings. Related findings include:

  • Only 24% think their current retirement investments will provide them with retirement income that lasts more than 30 years, or as long as they need
  • Only 27% are very confident or extremely confident that they won’t outlive their retirement savings
  • Only 36% are very confident or extremely confident in their ability to manage their retirement savings to provide income for as long as they live

“Living to 100 is an incredible milestone, but getting there should be cause for celebration rather than a source of financial stress,” said Pinsky. “One of the best ways to take action is to work with a financial professional to help prepare for the future you are envisioning. That professional guidance, along with financial education and lifetime income solutions, can help you plan for and enjoy your retirement.”

Individuals who work with financial professionals are much more likely to say their retirement readiness has increased from three years ago, with 40% for individuals who have a financial professional, compared to just 22% for those without. Further, those who work with a financial professional are more likely to say they expect to be able to retire at an earlier age.

Nearly three in four respondents (72%) say having a source of guaranteed monthly income beyond Social Security would make them feel more confident about having enough money to live comfortably throughout retirement. Securing lifetime income is a priority for 92%, with 65% saying it outweighs other financial priorities.

Employers Can Play a Key Role

The “Funding Longer Lives” white paper from Corebridge Financial and The Longevity Project outlines action steps that individuals can take through their workplace to help prepare for longevity. That can include refreshing their skillset, contributing to retirement savings plans, taking advantage of retirement education and engagement programs, and, in some cases, accessing financial professionals.

“Regardless of how long an individual decides to work, they should take full advantage of the financial planning opportunities available through their employer,” said Ken Stern, Founder and Chair of The Longevity Project. “At the same time, there are opportunities for flexible work, job sharing and even second-act careers, all of which can help fund longer lives with the added benefit of helping people stay engaged and energized for many more years.”

Helping People Take Action

Last summer, Corebridge launched its Action Planner Series for individuals and financial professionals. The ongoing series provides educational resources, tools and insights to help people take action in specific areas of their financial lives. Topics include longevity, retirement income, Social Security and Medicare, as well as content designed specifically for women.

Corebridge is also the corporate sponsor of Season 5 of the Stanford Center of Longevity’s award-winning longevity podcast, “Century Lives.” This season, “The Retirement Ladder,” tells the stories of eight employees from the same workplace and their very different views on how and when they will retire.

The 2023 Corebridge Financial Survey on Longevity was conducted online May 2-11, 2023, by Morning Consult among a national sample of 2,284 U.S. adults, ages 22-75, with household incomes and assets of at least $35,000 each. The Retirement, Longevity and the Future of Work Survey was conducted online April 12-15, 2022, by Morning Consult among a national sample of 2,202 U.S. adults, ages 25-75, with household incomes of at least $25,000 and at least $50,000 in investments.

This material is general in nature, was developed for educational use only, and is not intended to provide financial, legal, fiduciary, accounting or tax advice, nor is it intended to make any recommendations. Applicable laws and regulations are complex and subject to change. Please consult with a financial professional regarding your situation. For legal, accounting or tax advice, consult the appropriate professional.

Corebridge Financial and The Longevity Project are not affiliated.

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