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Armyjet Unveils New Printers With Epson i3200 heads

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Best buy inkjet Printers

Armyjet produces wide format inkjet printers with BYHX board, Senyang board, Hoson board which support Epson i3200 head, Epson DX5/DX7, Epson XP600, Epson5113/4720 head, Konica 512i, Ricoh Gen5, etc. Many of our wide format classic printers have been awarded the best buy inkjet printers in China.

AM-1808 is the most classic eco solvent printer model because of its strong stability and classic size of 1.8m. It has been the best-selling printer for continuous 5 years. It has three types of boards for option: BYHX, Hoson and Senyang. It can support Epson Xp600, DX5/DX7 and Epson i3200 heads. It’s the first choice for most dealers.


Armyjet produces small size printers with Hoson, Well print or Huicore board. Small size usually means 30cm or 60cm printing width. Small size printers usually refer to DTF Printer, A3 UV flatbed printer and 6090 UV flatbed printer.

AM-808 is the most popular DTF printer with double Epson 4720 heads. It’s the first and most classic DTF printer of Armyjet. Since its debut, it has achieved a good reputation and no one has any complaints on it. Its sales have reached a new high on November, 2021.

Because of Covid 19, many customers hope to find good quality printers at a good price. That’s why we put every effort to produce Armyjet eco solvent printer or sublimation printers with Hoson or Senyang board, achieving a high-cost performance. No matter Hoson or Senyang board, for single or double heads, it almost shares the same quality as those printers with BYHX boards, but its cost can be reduced largely.

Except the board, it’s the printhead that matters most. You can choose eco solvent or sublimation printers or DTF printer with Epson Xp600 heads if your budget is not enough. And if you hope to get a better printing quality when referring to eco solvent or sublimation, you can choose Epson DX5 or i3200 heads.

Some customers told us, “They bought Armyjet printers in 2012, and these printers still work very well in 2017.” “So, we will go on focusing on details and quality and we will not sacrifice quality to lower the cost,” said by an Armyjet senior manager.

Armyjet will update printers according to market feedback. Armyjet appreciates so much for those who offer sincere market feedback. Because of these cherish feedback, Armyjet printers becomes better and better.

Armyjet Inkjet printer Inks

Armyjet offers Eco ink or Eco solvent ink for Epson DX5/DX7, Epson i3200 head, and Epson Xp600; dye Sublimation ink for Epson DX5/ DX7, Epson Xp600, Epson 5113, Epson 4720 head; DTF ink for Epson 4720/i3200-A1 and Epson Xp600 heads. Armyjet offers UV ink for Epson DX5/DX7; Solvent ink for Konica 512i.

Epson Print head supplier-15 years

As a reliable printer factory, Armyjet offers original Epson DX5/DX7, Epson i3200 head, Epson XP600, Epson 4720/5113 head, Xaar 1201 head, etc.

There are two types of DX5/DX7 heads. Gold DX5/DX7 head is designed for Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland only. Printers made in China use different DX5/DX7 from Mimaki. Armyjet offers these two types of heads, but these two types of heads are not compatible.

For Epson Xp600/4720/5113 heads, locked heads with decoded cards occupy most of the market.

Armyjet is one of the largest dealers of Epson heads in China. So, if you buy heads from Armyjet, we can assure you that all heads are original and brand new.

Armyjet DTF Printer – A quality leader

Usually, Armyjet DTF printers have two types: white color DTF Printer and UV DTF printer.

For white color DTF printer or direct to film printer, it’s the first type appearing in the market. Most often, we call it DTF Printer. It’s roll to roll at the size of 60cm. To get a higher speed and good printing quality, about 85% customers choose Epson 4720 heads. The rest of customers almost all choose Epson Xp600 to get a better price.

At the start of 2021, the head price of Epson i3200-A1 is very expensive because of its shortage. But after August in 2021, the head price of Epson i3200-A1 becomes normal.

Many customers decide to choose printers with Epson XP600 heads because of the Covid-19 which affects global economy so much. Using Epson XP600 heads, it can save a lot for end users. And if your printing requirement is not very high, Epson Xp600 will not fail you.

Most popular size of DTF printer is 60cm width, like AM-808. The second popular size is A3 width like AM-308. Both sizes use double heads, one for CMYK and the other for white ink.

For UV DTF printer, it has UV flatbed and UV roll to roll two types. For UV flatbed DTF printer, most popular size is A3 width. For UV roll to roll printer, most popular size is 60cm.

About the look of A3 UV DTF printer, mostly it looks like AM-A3 UV printer. We can also customize some special appearance for key accounts.

About A3 UV flatbed DTF printer, usually Armyjet will use two or three pcs Epson Xp600 heads.

And about 60CM UV roll to roll printer like AM-648B(CMYK+W+V+Glue), it can use four pcs Epson i3200-U1 heads. In this setting, it will print glue via one head. It’s a little expensive because Epson i3200-U1 heads is a little expensive.

DTF printer doesn’t like Eco-solvent printer that Armyjet use Epson DX5/DX7 heads. Because DTF printers don’t have enough space in the carriage to use DX5 head that is a little long. And about DX7 heads, Armyjet didn’t choose it. Because Epson has stopped to produce DX7. It’s not easy to supply plenty of DX7.

UV DTF Printer ink is different from common UV printer ink. It’s special. If you don’t care about printing quality so much, you can use common UV ink.

Another difference between UV DTF printer and DTF printer is that the former doesn’t need powder and powder shaking dryer. It’s more convenient. But it’s designed for commercial, not industry.

Except differences above, the most important part is printer board. Among these boards, Hoson, Well Print and Huicore are best for small size printers.

Armyjet new printers with Epson i3200 heads

Before we launched new printers with Epson i3200 heads, we have been testing, updating and adjusting our printers more than 800 times. That’s why once Armyjet new printers enter market, all customers have no complaints.  

Epson i3200 heads can be classified into three types: Eco solvent, sublimation and UV. The ink for each type is different and not compatible. For its sublimation, it’s almost the same as printers with Epson 4720 head (it’s the former name of Epson i3200 heads). Sublimation ink of Epson 4720 and i3200 is compatible. But i3200 heads will have longer life and better experience than Epson 4720 heads.

Currently the most popular new printers are those designed for sublimation and Eco solvent. For example, our new printers such as AM-1990IS (1.8m with 3 pcs i3200-A1 heads) or AM-1808 (1.8m with one pc Epson i3200-E1 head) are very popular. Over 180 sets are sold each month. Many dealers predicted that these two models would be the best buy inkjet printers in 2021 too.

After we have launched new printers, many customers ask us if we can still provide printers with DX5 or Xp600 in the future. The answer is sure. As one of the biggest Epson printhead suppliers in China, we will still produce printers with DX5 or Xp600.

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