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Wallpaper trends 2024: colors, patterns, and styling ideas

Wallpaper trends 2024: colors, patterns, and styling ideasPhoto from Unsplash

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Welcome to the world of wallpaper trends in 2024! This year, wallpapers are finding new ways how to excel in interior design. They’re not just pretty backgrounds anymore. They’re taking center stage. Colors, patterns, textures, and styling tricks—these are the secret ingredients that make wallpapers stand out. Let’s delve into the hottest wallpaper trends of 2024!


Wallpaper Colors of 2024

This year’s color game is strong. Hues such as Sherwin Williams’ “Upward”, Benjamin Moore’s “Blue Nova” and Pantone’s “Peach Fuzz” are taking the lead. We see a significant difference from this year, which was dominated by bright and flashy shades, such as Pantone’s stark pink hue “Viva Magenta”.

Blues are taking the spotlight

In 2024 different blue tones are going to be the top choice for a trendy environment. From soft and dusty colors to rich and bold hues – blue tones are in style!


Sherwin Williams “Upward’’ blue

“Upward” by Sherwin Williams paints a picture of expansive denim blue, interwoven with calming gray undertones. Picture a serene sky on a peaceful, tranquil day—it’s a lot like that. As you welcome “Upward” into your space, try teaming it up with gentle pastels. Blend this soft blue with touches of muted lavender, gentle greens, or powdery blues. These combinations create a dreamy mix.

Trends are like a starting point, not the finish line. So, while “Upward” from Sherwin Williams might be the star, you’ve got a whole constellation to explore. Consider other hues from the grayish-blue color family. Some examples are:

  • Misty Blue. Soft, hazy blue reminiscent of a foggy morning. It’s a gentle, calming shade that adds a serene touch to any space.
  • Soft Denim. Picture the faded, comforting hue of your favorite worn-in denim jeans. It’s a cozy, relaxed blue that brings a sense of familiarity and ease to your walls.
  • Subtle Slate. Refined, muted blue-grey that exudes a quiet elegance in any room.

Benjamin Moore “Blue Nova”

“Blue Nova” by Benjamin Moore is not just a color. It’s more of a vibe. Imagine diving into a shade that’s not too dark or too light—it’s just right. That’s what Blue Nova is about. This mid-tone blue with its own unique depth and character feels familiar yet so fascinating. That’s what makes this toned-down navy blue perfect for all sorts of places. Bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms—basically, wherever you want it!

When you’re thinking about using “Blue Nova” in your space, think about how versatile it is. Pair it up with colors like ivory or coral. They create a cool contrast that makes “Blue Nova” stand out even more. Additionally, this color isn’t just for one kind of pattern. It works wonders with all sorts, whether they’re intricate florals or modern shapes. Don’t forget that “Blue Nova” is just one shade in the world of trendy blues. There’s a whole range out there! To find similar shades you might look for descriptions like a versatile mid-tone blue with a hint of sophisticated navy blue. Consider these:

  • Slate Blue. Smooth, elegant blue resembling the color of slate rock. Not too light or too dark, with a touch of sophistication.
  • Steel Blue. This shade is reminiscent of the cool, metallic sheen of steel. It’s a versatile mid-tone blue with a hint of depth.
  • Muted Indigo. Picture a calm, tranquil blue with a hint of purple. It’s a subdued indigo hue. It is softer and more muted compared to a vibrant indigo.

Here are some great blue wallpapers you can check out that will transform your room: Blue Octopus, Blue Foliage, Nature Scene.


Pantone “Peach Fuzz”

Pantone’s “Peach Fuzz” captures the perfect balance. It’s not too bright or too muted—just the right warmth.

Consider this as a basis or complementary decor for your living room, bedroom, home office, dining room, or nursery. The best part of this color is that it allows easy pairing with other colors. Here are some excellent color pairings:

  • Soft neutrals. Consider combining “Peach Fuzz” with soft neutrals like ivory, cream, or beige. These tones allow the warmth of the 2024 color to stand out.
  • Muted pastels. Shades like soft mint green, blush pink, or light lavender complement “Peach Fuzz” beautifully. Perfect for a soothing ambiance.
  • Earthy tones. Earthy hues such as soft terracotta, warm taupe, or sandy beige can enhance the natural warmth of Pantone’s 2024 favorite.
  • Soft blues. Choose soft blues like sky blue or powder blue for a pairing. This will create a refreshing contrast and balance between warmth and coolness.
  • Rich greens. Deep, rich greens or emerald tones can create a striking and sophisticated combination.

If you want to explore similar shades to “Peach Fuzz”, look for Warm Apricot, Delicate Colar, or Soft Tangerine.

Here are some wallpaper inspirations that’ll give you a peachy keen vibe: Mandala Flowers, Flush Blush, and Pampas Melody.

Classic and bold color choices are still on trend in 2024

But hold onto your hats because bold walls aren’t fading into the background! Think deep blues, fiery reds, and lush greens—colors that demand attention and add a punch to any room.

And don’t sleep on the neutrals! They’re the chameleons of interior design, always in style. In 2024, expect them to keep their cool and maintain their relevance in creating balanced, versatile spaces.

Patterns Making Waves In 2024


Patterns hold an incredible power to redefine spaces. They make bold statements where basic colors may not suffice. Let’s dive into the coolest patterns of 2024!

Large-Scale Prints

2024 is gearing up for large-scale prints to steal the show in wallpaper trends. Imagine a wall decked out with vibrant florals—roses, peonies, and lush leaves cascading down. For reference have a look at these wallpaper designs: Natural Blossom & Coastal Charm. That’s the magic of large-scale floral prints!

But large-scale prints aren’t just about flowers. Think bold strokes, cool shapes, or swirling designs that make your walls talk without saying a word. You can also add full size murals like calm scenes of mountains, beaches, or forests right in your room to make an even bigger statement.

Unique Stripes

Think of stripes but not the usual ones! We’re talking about stripes that stand out, like soft pastel lines giving a touch of elegance. Or bold, vivid stripes making a loud statement. Pastel stripes in wallpaper give your space a classy and subtle vibe. They create a gentle flow in the room, making it feel light and calming. You can hang them sideways for a modern, stretched-out look. Or up and down to make the room feel taller.

Now, bold stripes in wallpaper? They’re all about confidence! They bring energy and make a room stand out. Pick bright or different colors to make your room seem bigger or cozier—depending on how you hang them. Horizontal stripes make a room wider, while vertical ones make it look taller and more dramatic. For reference, have a look at Vertical Ribbons wallpaper.


Floral & Botanical Revival

Get ready to see flowers and nature creeping back onto walls! Floral and botanical patterns are making a stylish comeback in 2024. They’ll bring a breath of fresh air and a touch of nature indoors. Think of walls adorned with graceful roses, delicate cherry blossoms, or lush tropical leaves. If you’re not usually into botanical themes, consider the allure of a vintage-inspired floral bouquet on your walls.

Expressive Abstract Designs

Abstract patterns? They don’t follow rules, they just express feelings and ideas. In 2024, these designs will add that splash of creativity and freedom to interiors. Picture walls adorned with bold strokes, playful splatters, and intriguing shapes. These designs are all about breaking free from the ordinary. Some abstract designs might play with contrasts. They typically use a blend of sharp lines and soft curves to create a dynamic visual experience.


Wallpaper Styling Tips for 2024


2024 is set to redefine how we dress our walls! From bold statements to clever tricks, let’s explore the latest tips for making your space stand out using wallpapers.

Fusing Traditions with Contemporary Flair

In 2024, blending old and new, traditional with contemporary is in! Imagine a room that’s like a big mix of different cultures. Think of a wallpaper with Japanese designs and a colorful rug that feels like Africa. It’s a fun compilation of traditions making the room look amazing. And don’t forget about combining old patterns with new decor—like grandma’s favorite wallpaper with really cool, modern furniture. That’s the future of design—each piece of decor shares its story. Together, they create a beautiful, balanced design that feels fresh yet connected to diverse cultures or times.

The Comeback of Accent Walls

Putting bold wallpaper on one wall while keeping the rest simple is like giving that wall a spotlight. It changes the whole vibe, adding drama and style without being too much. Even small rooms can feel big with this trick! But be very careful with keeping in mind your room’s size when choosing an accent wallpaper. Light colors or gentle patterns can make it seem bigger, while bold, dark designs add depth.

Unexpected Wallpaper in Unlikely Spaces

Spruce up those unexpected spots with some surprising wallpaper choices! Think stairway walls, inside closets, or even cabinet doors. These usually forgotten places can become a fun surprise!

And guess what? Ceilings too can be a secret design weapon! They’re often ignored but may become a huge blank canvas waiting to be dressed up! Wallpaper on the ceiling will definitely make your room stand out. Think of geometric wallpapers, modern design wallpapers, or terrazzo.


Wallpaper in Professional Spaces

Ever considered adding a touch of fun or color to a serious space? Home offices or formal areas don’t have to be all business! Injecting fun and creativity fosters both inspiration and productivity. Consider using vibrant or patterned wallpapers.


The year 2024 is adding exciting blue and peach tones to the wallpaper color mix, but classics like bold colors and neutral room interiors are still going to be very much on trend.

The upcoming year is also inviting us to experiment more by choosing interesting patterns, unusual stripes, and unseen styling options, for example, wallpapering the ceiling. It’s all about expressing your personal taste and finding a balance between old and new.

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