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MAGISNAT, Start-Up based at Atlanta Teck Park (Peachtree Corners, GA) presents its Business Plan at its quarterly meeting and aims for full success by the end of the year

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No one ever thought of looking at the town of Peachtree Corners in Atlanta, Georgia, as if admiring a painting of an Italian landscape with expanses of olive trees and vines. Yet, that is exactly what it is: thanks to its mild, Mediterranean-type climate, this Georgian town closely resembles the Mediterranean territories in Italy.

This resemblance was one of the reasons why Dr. Matteo Bertelli, founder and president of the Italian company MAGI Group—specialized in research through omics approaches on eating disorders, lipedema and lymphedema—decided to open his innovative spin-off MAGISNAT in this thriving American town.

After collaborating for several years with many professors from leading American Universities, Dr Bertelli decided to open this new Italian-American reality and to focus its research on psychophysical malaises (such as anorexia, obesity, and lipedema) because after the pandemic such cases have increased or worsened significantly.

Such a situation is due to the obligation of isolation during the initial phases of the Covid 19 pandemic, which in many istances has led people to either become more sedentary and consume more food, or to severe psychological stress that lead people to refuse food.

This was the starting point for MAGISNAT’s project, which aims to harness the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for the improvement of health. MAGISNAT wants to apply molecular genetics and metabolomics to the study of natural molecules, such as polyphenols, which are extracted from typical plants of the Mediterranean diet. In particular, it wants to harness their diverse properties, antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal, to bring health benefits to individuals.

Dr. Matteo Bertelli is convinced that the MULTIOMICS approach to human mutrition is the best one to direct people to the targeted intake of dietary supplements. Metabolomics is a discipline through whose analysis it is possible to ascertain the presence of biochemical imbalances caused by nutrient deficiencies, which underlie the body’s functions. Its functioning is very simple: by measuring metabolites in the body, problems are identified and targeted action is taken. This is extraordinarily effective, if we think about the current situation in food: today, food is very rich in calories but poor in nutrients, which leads to the real risk of being overfed but still undernourished. In most cases, an enzyme needs one or more different factors to activate itself, which are called cofactors: these can be vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Today we know that lacking these essential nutrients is the main cause of many chronic diseases and is one of the principles on which Metabolomics is based.

In order to make this project complete and stable, a Business Plan, a very important document that describes MAGISNAT’s business project in great detail, was drawn up. This plan develops in detail the goals, strategies, business aspects, marketing activities, and financial forecasts of this spin-off and makes its business idea clear and explicit.

Drafting this document was a really important step for this reality, which to date already has one approved patent and two other filed patents.

As stated by its founder, Dr. Matteo Bertelli: “MAGISNAT was born with a precise purpose: to bring wellness to people through the adoption of a Mediterranean lifestyle, reinforced by targeted supplements.”

The Business Plan has set goals to be achieved by December 2022; MAGISNAT’s activities started in January this year and we can say that there are the prerequisites to reach the end of the year with the full success of the budgeted goals. The credit must be given in particular to Professor Connelly, who, given his experience, is contributing enormously to the development of the project.

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