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Why is Mokume Gane Becoming a Real Wedding Jewelry Trend

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Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese technique, nowadays recovered to design and handcraft some of the most beautiful jewels worldwide. Mokume Gane engagement and wedding rings are becoming popular among consumers who seek an original piece and ethical jewelry, those who escape from mass production and want to seal love with a meaningful ring.

What is Mokume Gane, And Where Does It Come From?

Mokume Gane is a 400-year-old Japanese metalwork technique created by Denbei Shaomi, used to decorate the Tsuba – sword guard- of samurai swords. With this piece, samurais were able to show their wealth, power, and status in society.  

This unique technique makes it possible to achieve wood grain patterns with the bond of several layers of different precious metals, such as gold, silver, or platinum. First, the metal stripes are exposed to specific temperatures and precise amounts of pressure and a very specific time length to bond all those stripes together without any soldering. Then through a complex process of forging and carving, the wood grain patterns are created. The polishing and etching process are the final steps of the Mokume Gane technique in jewelry.

From a Samurai Sword Technique to The Newest Trend of Finest Jewelry

Mokume Gane technique was extensively used in Japan until the sword ban occurred from the end of the 19th Century to the beginning of the 20th Century, with the Meiji restoration. Mokume Gane was almost forgotten during those years, and a few craftsmen just used it to make metal vessels, smoking pipes, or other devotional metal objects.

During the second part of the 20th Century, some artists like Norio Tamagawa or Gyokumei Shindo preserved this ancient technique. Then, in the 1970s, jewelry artists learned Mokume Gane from them and exported it to Europe and the United States. That is a historical moment for Mokume Gane, as this technique was recovered and applied to a new discipline. Furthermore, the jewelers who learned Mokume Gane started adding gemstones like diamonds in the jewels.  

At the moment, and thanks to the Internet and e-commerce, it is possible to purchase a Mokume Gane ring, earring, or pendant, and this technique is becoming a real trend.

Why are People Choosing Mokume Gane Engagement and Wedding Rings?

Times are changing, and fast. No one can deny this. One designer and brand with the same homonymous name specializing in Mokume Gane jewelry is Jaume Labró. He explains why people choose Mokume Gane rings for wedding and engagement occasions. “With globalization, each person wants to feel different and original from the others. Mokume Gane offers this personal need in a small piece of jewelry, such as a wedding ring, as the ring you will purchase will be unique and master crafted”. 

Mokume Gane is a synonym of sustainability and originality 

Mokume Gane engagement rings or wedding rings are different. Each ring is different, unrepeatable. With the combination of different metals, the wood-grain patterns achieved are unique and cannot be done even twice. 

Besides, Mokume Gane is a handcraft technique, far away from manufactured jewelry. Each piece is designed and handcrafted individually, taking the necessary time to achieve a final timeless creation.

Mokume Gane jewelry designed and handcrafted by Jaume Labró uses only sustainable materials, such as different types of gold, platinum, and silver. In addition, ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones are added on request to achieve a colorful and more customized ring. There are endless designs for Mokume Gane rings, and all of them are full of inspiration.

The symbolism of a wedding ring

Marriage is a bond between two people who genuinely love each other. Since centuries ago, wedding rings have been the object used to seal a union between two souls. Therefore, those pieces are memorable and full of sentimental value.  

MokumeGane is the perfect metaphor of this union, with the perfect bonding of different metals, representing the perfect union of two people. Mokume Gane wedding rings are complex and require a singular workflow, from the moment of the design until the end of the bonding, forging, carving and polishing process. These steps are key to achieve the most beautiful wood-grain patterns possible. Therefore, Mokume Gane wedding rings are perfect for those who seek originality and want to express their unique love. 

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