How the Energy Generation is Leading an E-volution

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(DGIwire) – People today are interested in energy—especially better ways to make, conserve and use it. It might even be said that we are the Energy Generation. In fact, E-Geners are now millions strong around the world, with more and more folks recognizing how they are personally affected by energy issues on a daily basis.

A Google search for energy activist organizations easily finds more than 2,000 groups working in all areas of energy activism—from a focus on greenhouse emissions to board room activism—calling on companies to become accountable on this issue. As an example of its growing voice, the E-Generation turned out en masse two days before world leaders attended a climate summit at the United Nations earlier this year. Around the world, millions of E-Geners joined together to hold 2,646 simultaneous rallies in 162 countries.

E-Geners are not only demonstrators and activists; they are also innovators, busily creating products and companies that offer improvements and solutions. This interest in reducing the negative impact of our human imprint has produced a groundswell of ideas. The result: things such as corn oil-fueled cars and solar-powered homes. Electric cars have gained footing as better energy choices, too; as of June 2014, more than half a million people were plugging in when it comes to driving, according to Wikipedia.

One bright light in vehicle efficiency and innovation is AMP Electric Vehicles, a Cincinnati, OH-based company changing the field for delivery vehicles. Its Workhorse line once produced the acclaimed W42 and W62 chassis, and now the W88 narrower track chassis, with a wide range of fuel options for fleet buyers, including an ultra-efficient 100 percent electric drive train.

AMP’s ultra-efficient and aptly named Workhorse E-GEN™ truck, with an extended-range electric drive, has many forward-thinking features. It can double a fleet’s average miles per gallon by using battery-electric power combined with a small internal combustion engine. It incorporates a small spark-ignition engine that powers the electric motor in generator mode to recharge the battery pack automatically if the charge falls below certain levels, the vehicle is in “park” with the key out and the emergency brake on. This means that during stops to take a delivery to the door, the vehicle can be efficiently recharging.

E-GEN’s battery pack is both energy- and cost-effective. And its drone delivery system, the HorseFly™ electric UAV, pairs with an E-GEN truck to allow short flights from vehicles in each area instead of long flights from a warehouse for each delivery.

Steve Burns, CEO of AMP Electric Vehicles, says, “Someone who believes in energy efficiency and keeping the world green, will go out of the way to ensure every brand they buy shares the same philosophy. We want those goods to be transported in the most energy-efficient way possible.”

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