Dad-daughter duo seeking crowdfunding support for lifesaving laser lawn mower prototype on Kickstarter

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A North Dakota-based family owned company has invented a groundbreaking lawnmower that aims to save lives and prevent injuries through advanced laser-based and spinning blade-free operation.

Fargo, North Dakota – September 17, 2021 – US hospitals witness around 550,000+ cases of lawnmower injuries and deaths every year. To top it, lawnmower accidents also amount to nearly $500 million worth of property damage annually. However, a North Dakota-based visionary startup, J & M Inventions, is looking forward to changing the grim reality with its new invention. Founded by dad-daughter duo James and Maria Young, the company has recently launched its breakthrough lawnmower prototype on Kickstarter that’s uniquely designed  to cut the grass with lasers and not the traditional spinning metal blades to eliminate typical risks of typical lawn mower injuries and deaths. Laser Lawnmower, as it is called, is also an eco-friendly alternative to conventional lawnmowers.

The campaign is geared to raise around $412,900 through the support of crowdfunding by October 15, 2021. 

J & M Inventions has already filed patents and trademarks with the USPTO for the innovative laser lawnmower prototype.  

The USP of the Laser Lawnmower prototype lies in its cutting-edge “laser-based” operation. Traditional lawn mowers are designed with a spinning metal blade which might be handy for mowing but poses severe injury and damage threats. Once the blades hit rocks or sticks, they tend to kick out rocks and sticks from under the lawnmower at an exponential rate of speed. As per the statements of leading surgeons, the traditional lawnmower blades whirl at a rate of 3,000 rpm that generate 3x the kinetic energy produced by a .357 handgun. 

But, the new revolutionary Laser Lawnmower is devoid of the conventional spinning blades and hence can assure a much safer operation than its conventional counterparts. 

“We are trying to save lives”, stated James Young while speaking about their invention. 

“Traditional lawnmowers have shown to cause thousands of injuries and deaths every year. A recent study released by John Hopkins Medicine researchers also revealed that most of the lawn mower injuries require surgery, costing around $37,000 per patient on an average. The problem with traditional lawnmowers is that they are fitted with razor-sharp spinning metal blades. These metal blades operate at an extremely high speed, so much so, that a shot by these blades is equivalent to being shot with a solid .357 pistol. Our innovative Laser Lawnmower is particularly invented as a more advanced safer alternative to prevent the unwanted injuries and deaths caused by traditional spinning metal blade lawnmowers.” 

Speaking on, James stressed that the new Laser Lawnmower will save millions of dollars in injuries and deaths and millions of dollars in property damage. Also, as the state-of-the-art alternative does not carry spinning blades, users won’t have to sharpen the blades or change oil. Laser Lawnmower operates through laser technology which makes it an eco-friendly option as well. 

“The traditional lawnmower has not changed the spinning metal blade design for almost a century now. It’s about time to usher in a much-needed change in the lawnmower scene with a new, more advanced and safer technology that will prevent the unnecessary injuries and deaths caused by conventional spinning blades. Our Laser Lawnmower prototype is specifically engineered to address all these pain points. But, such a high-end project  demands robust financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to create a functional prototype and develop the product on a mass scale. We have got a humanitarian project for the investors here, that if successful, will make lawn mowing safer than ever. Please join us in our endeavor to prevent lawnmower injuries and deaths.” 

Backers will be rewarded a bunch of amazing rewards, such as “Laser Lawnmower” signature keychain, laptop backpack, sleek aluminum power bank, and more. 

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

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