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         99.1                 Press Release, dated March 15, 2004,
                              of Foodarama Supermarkets, Inc. Re:
                              Consolidated Financial Results

Item 12. Results of Operations and Financial Condition

         On March 15, 2004, Foodarama Supermarkets, Inc. issued a press release
announcing its consolidated financial results for its first quarter ended
January 31, 2004. A copy of the press release is furnished as Exhibit 99.1 to
this current report.

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                             FOODARAMA SUPERMARKETS, INC.

                             By: /S/ Michael Shapiro
                                 Michael Shapiro
                                 Senior Vice President
                                 Chief Financial Officer

Date: March 15, 2004


                                          Foodarama Supermarkets, Inc.
                                          Building 6, Suite 1
                                          922 Highway 33
                                          Freehold, N.J. 07728

                                          CONTACT:    Michael Shapiro
                                                      Senior Vice President
                                                      Chief Financial Officer
                                                      (732) 294-2270



      Freehold, N.J., March 15, 2004 -- Foodarama Supermarkets, Inc. (ASE-FSM)
today announced that sales for the 13 weeks ended January 31, 2004 totaled
$294,715,000, compared to $257,091,000 for the prior year period. Same store
sales from the twenty stores operated in both periods increased 3.6% period to
period. Sales for the current quarter included the operations of the new
locations in Woodbridge, Ewing, North Brunswick and Hamilton New Jersey opened
in December 2002, January 2003, May 2003 and October 2003, respectively. The
locations in Woodbridge and North Brunswick replaced older, smaller stores.

      In the current quarter net income was $1,240,000 or $1.22 per diluted
share. The Company's earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and
amortization ("EBITDA") for the first quarter ended January 31, 2004 were

      For the thirteen weeks ended February 1, 2003, the Company reported net
income of $349,000 or $.34 per diluted share. The Company's EBITDA for the first
quarter ended February 1, 2003 were $6,786,000.

          EBITDA is presented because management believes that EBITDA is a
useful supplement to net income and other measurements under accounting
principles generally accepted in the United States since it is a meaningful
measure of a company's performance and ability to meet its future debt service
requirements, fund capital expenditures and meet working capital requirements.
EBITDA is not a measure of financial performance under accounting principles
generally accepted in the United States and should not be considered as an
alternative to (i) net income (or any other measure of performance under
generally accepted accounting principles) as a measure of performance or (ii)
cash flows from operating, investing or financing activities as an indicator of
cash flows or as a measure of liquidity. The following table reconciles reported
net income to EBITDA.

                                                  Thirteen Weeks Ended
                                         January 31, 2004       February 1, 2003
                                         ----------------       ----------------
Net income                                $  1,240,000            $     349,000
Interest expense, net                        3,757,000                2,284,000
Income tax provision                           760,000                  233,000
Depreciation                                 4,685,000                3,832,000
Amortization                                   127,000                   88,000
                                          ------------            -------------
EBITDA                                    $ 10,569,000            $   6,786,000
                                          ============            =============

                  Consolidated Operating Highlights (unaudited)

For the 13 weeks ended                   January 31, 2004      February 1,  2003
----------------------                   ----------------      -----------------

Sales..............................       $ 294,715,000         $ 257,091,000
Net income ........................           1,240,000               349,000
Net income per diluted share.......               $1.22                  $.34
Average shares outstanding.........           1,013,049             1,016,482
EBITDA.............................       $  10,569,000         $   6,786,000