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Salsa: sabor y evolución - A visual piece that invites you to learn about the legacy of this genre in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is known for its variety of musical sounds and its significant contribution to various genres heard worldwide. Salsa is one of those genres that has made a deep impact, where Puerto Ricans, along with Cubans and other Latinos, have been pivotal in its development. Sounds began to brew from New York City in the middle of the last century, leaving a musical imprint so profound that it continues to be of great importance to many countries today.

In the 31st edition of Popular's music special, the company dedicates its new musical production to salsa. Through this piece, viewers can review, alongside artists and connoisseurs of this genre, some facts about the birth, development, and evolution of salsa. Over the years, Popular has become a cultural facilitator that produces and preserves, through these visual pieces, part of the Puerto Rican musical identity. These productions have become sought after and collected for their rich content and documentation of music, information, and artists who have been fundamental in Puerto Rican society.

"As has been our commitment throughout these years, this production is a gift to our community in and outside of Puerto Rico. We want to continue strengthening education, culture, and above all, the interest in learning more about what has shaped who we are today as people. These musical specials have passed through generations and carry a message about the importance of family unity and the need to promote music as a unifying entity in Puerto Rico. Our traditions are reflected in many of these visuals, but above all, as people who genuinely enjoy music," said María Cristina González, Executive Vice President of the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs group.

This new production features artists such as Gilberto Santa Rosa, Oscar D’León, La India, Choco Orta, José Alberto “El Canario”, Michael Stuart, Domingo Quiñones, Luis Enrique, Rafa Pabón, Aymeé Nuviola, Pirulo, Luis Vázquez, David Rivera, Zayra Pola, Manolito Rodríguez, Willito Otero, Karla Marie, Jeremy Bosch, Luisito Carrión, Jota Ruiz, Norberto Vélez, Fabiola Méndez, Merari, and Luis Figueroa. Moreover, as part of this production, several young up-and-coming artists from musical programs supported by the Banco Popular Foundation participated in this project.

Some of the songs included in this special are: "Ay, qué rico", "Cúcala", "Oriza", a medley of "Conciencia, Déjate querer, and Lluvia", a medley of "Cui Cui, Acángana, and Qué se sepa". Also included are: "La rueda", "Siembra", "Fuego en el 23", "Felicidades", "Valió la pena", and "Sombras nada más". The CD will feature additional songs and artists.

The production of "Salsa: sabor y evolución" was carried out by the production company Cinetrix and its president Euskady Burgos, with Laurie Vega as the production supervisor. The direction was carried out by Julio César Torres and Juanky Álvarez. The editing was done by the renowned editor Carlos Aponte, and Robert Peña was the director of photography. Regarding the musical direction, it was handled by the Pasillo Sonoro studio and its president Luis Amed Irizarry, along with collaborations in the arrangements by José David Pérez, Antonio Caraballo, Tiffany Román Louk, Josué Deprat, and Diego Centeno.

This musical special will be broadcast on Sunday, December 3 at 8:00 p.m. on the main television channels in Puerto Rico and, for a period of 24 hours, through the website. As in previous years, part of the proceeds from the sale of musical production will benefit musical programs for children and young people supported by the Banco Popular Foundation. (Banco Popular Foundation is a non-profit entity, separate from Popular, Inc. and its subsidiaries, dedicated to philanthropic work and that receives support and donations from Banco Popular of Puerto Rico). For more details visit Images are available at:


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