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The Team at Infraslow Associates Offers in-Depth Virtual Neurofeedback Training for Therapists

Infraslow Associates is pleased to announce their latest 2023 online neurofeedback therapist training courses. Neurofeedback provides a range of benefits for patients and is an excellent choice for treating a number of conditions, including anxiety, eating disorders, insomnia, and more.

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New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2023 -- Neurofeedback is a non-invasive treatment that helps the brain develop healthier activity patterns. During neurofeedback, a therapist measures a patient's brainwaves and then typically offers a rewards system that trains the brain to control those waves naturally.

As a result, neurofeedback reinforces healthier brain activity that, in turn, addresses issues such as anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, anger management, eating disorders, and more. Therapists and patients appreciate that this process does not involve medications or prolonged talk therapy sessions. Consequently, patients often feel healthier and see results after just one neurofeedback session.

Infraslow Fluctuation concentrates on the slowest brain frequencies. This process connects with the brain's regulation of the body's nervous system. During Infraslow Fluctuation, patients find the brain activity where they feel most relaxed and calmest.

Next, this process helps train the brain through a reward system to continue to regulate itself at this point. As a result, a patient often feels more relaxed and calmer after Infraslow sessions.

Therapists looking to expand their treatment options now have the choice of learning more in-depth neurofeedback practices, including Infraslow Fluctuation, from experienced professionals such as Infraslow Associates. Mark Lewellyn Smith, LCSW, BCN, QEEG-D, and his team of licensed providers are happy to provide complete neurofeedback training virtually, allowing therapists to learn these practices without leaving their office.

While neurofeedback might seem somewhat new age, this practice has been around since the 1950s and 60s. During those years, doctors used EEG to study brainwave patterns and soon found that a simple reward system allowed patients to control their brain's activity to a certain extent.

Eventually, therapists learned how to use these tests to help patients relax and return to a calm state, without medications or surgical intervention. In due course, neurofeedback was soon used to help treat a range of health conditions. These include eating disorders, anxiety, anger issues, headaches, learning disorders, insomnia, and more.

Infraslow Associates has also enjoyed great success in using neurofeedback with their patients. Consequently, they are pleased to announce their upcoming ISF neurofeedback workshops, conducted by founder Mark Smith.

Why offer these workshops now, and how can they benefit therapists?

"One challenge many therapists face is client retention," says Smith. "Our training increases the likelihood that patients will feel results immediately, which then helps with client retention. They'll return when they know they'll enjoy positive results."

Additionally, many therapists not familiar with neurofeedback might appreciate learning about its use and application thoroughly before introducing it to their practice. To make this process easier, Infraslow Associates has prepared to offer their classes virtually, so a therapist doesn't need to leave their office to learn about this treatment process.

Also, the courses use specialty software that offers hands-on training, ensuring a therapist is fully competent in this practice after training completion. In fact, courses offered by Infraslow Associates are so effective that a therapist can start applying them with patients immediately upon completion.

Moreover, a therapist can apply for an ISF license during the workshop and purchase that license upon course completion. Equipment needed for the workshop is also available online, ensuring a therapist has everything required to use this treatment option as quickly as possible. Courses include two-channel training requiring Discovery, Atlantis, or Freedom amplifier (ISF1). Their second course, a 19-channel sLORETA intervention, also requires a Discovery or Freedom amplifier (ISF2). More information about amplifier requirements is available on their website.

Infraslow Associates is accepting enrollment for their 2023 neurofeedback for therapists online courses. Also, their staff is happy to answer any questions therapists might have about their application and requirements. For online enrollment, visit their website at However, applicants are encouraged to sign up quickly as courses book up easily. Also, note that needed equipment and licensure are also available for purchase online. To find out more or to reserve a space in any upcoming course, visit their website. Call for more information at (212) 877-7929.

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