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What to Wear on a Yacht Day Trip

What to Wear on a Yacht Day TripPhoto from Unsplash

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Planning on going on a yacht for the first time and don’t know what to wear? Yacht trips are an amazing way to see a city from a different perspective, and are always great fun. But planning what your outfit will look like can get us all stumped when we’ve never done it before. So to help you out, here are some essential rules and outfit ideas for what to wear on a yacht day trip.

Essential Rules


Some general rules need to be followed for whatever you’re wearing


  1. Be comfortable

If you’re spending a day out on the water exposed to the elements, the number one thing you need to remember is to dress comfortably. Check the weather ahead of time and plan accordingly. If the weather is hot and sunny, plan an outfit that will keep you cool and lets sweat evaporate. If it’s cold and windy, bring a light waterproof jacket and wear warmer or long-sleeved clothing.

  1. Wear clothes that you’re not scared of getting wet

Because you might get some water splashed onto your clothes, wear an outfit that will also be easy to clean after you’re done with your boating party. And to add to that, we would also recommend not wearing any leather belts as they could get damaged by any seawater that could splash onto it.

  1. Remember to check if there is a dress code

Before you head out with your swanky boating outfit, remember to check if there are any dress codes for your yacht party. These could be fun ones about wearing themed outfits to other rules about what bathing suits are allowed.

What to Wear on a Yacht Day Trip – Linen


Linen is a super comfortable clothing material for a hot day on a yacht


Our first recommendation for what to wear on a yacht day trip is linen. You’ll find this material being used for a range of different clothing items. Linen is a natural plant fibre material that is lightweight, breathable and also dries quickly. And on top of all this, linen clothing is also designed to be loose fitting, both for aesthetics and for a more comfy feel.

Because linen wrinkles easily and stays wrinkled unless ironed very thoroughly, linen clothes will give you a nice casual look. For a boat ride, why not try a blue and white linen dress to match the nautical theme of your day out? And depending on the cut, you can either dress your linen dress up or down to fit other occasions outside of your wear on a boat.

What to Wear on a Yacht Day Trip – Dresses

Shirt Dress


These are so versatile in that you can dress them up or dress them down


Shirt dresses borrow design cues from men’s shirts with their collars, buttoned front and cuffed sleeves whilst extending down to a dress shape at the bottom. These one-piece dresses are perfect for people who don’t want the stress of coordinating their outfits but still love accessorising.

If your yacht day trip has a more formal dress code, try pairing these with a pair of white sneakers and layer with a blazer. You can also keep your bathing suit underneath the shirtdress or bring it with you to wear later as a coverup after coming out of the water.

Maxi Dress

Another option in the area of easy-to-wear one-piece dresses is the maxi dress. These are long dresses that reach down to your ankles or feet. Maxi dresses have a wide and loose fit, making them a comfortable option for being out on the water all day. These also come in flowy, casual silhouettes that will complement the vibe of the boat trip even more.

What to Wear on a Yacht Day Trip – Swimsuits


A two-piece swimsuit will be easy and comfortable to wear under your outfit


If you’re planning on diving into the water, bring a swimsuit. For the more conservative, choose a one-piece swimsuit; for the more adventurous, a two-piece swimsuit is perfect. And it’s best if you wear your swimsuit underneath your outfit since changing facilities will most likely be limited to a small toilet. In general, a two-piece swimsuit will be easier to wear underneath other clothing and will let you move around in better comfort.



Thongs, also known as sandals or flip flops are a great option for you to wear on a yacht since they are comfortable, easy to slip on and off and are fine getting wet. If you want a super casual, no-frills outfit, going with some thongs or jelly slides will be perfect. And for a slightly more formal and fun look, choose some braided sandals.

Boat Shoes


Perfect for the occasion, boat shoes are also great with other outfits for when you’re not on the water


Boat shoes have soles that are non-marking and have tread patterns that keep a grip on the boat when wet. The upper is usually made from leather that has been treated to be waterproof and stain resistant to help keep your feet dry during your boating trip. Boat shoes are also easy to slip on and off for easy wearing between being onboard and swimming in the water.



A pair of sunglasses go a long way to keep your eyes from getting stressed out on the water. The sun’s UV rays reflect off the water and give you eye damage. And sunglasses also help protect the skin around your eyes from sun damage too.


A wide-brimmed hat will not only fit the rest of your outfit, but also give your face and neck some much-needed protection from the sun. Good hats come with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating, meaning they protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Remember Your Sunscreen


Sunscreen is always important when you’ll be in the sun for a long time


Don’t forget to bring some water-resistant sunscreen for what to wear on a yacht day trip. Sunscreen is important because of the large amount of time that you’ll be out exposed to the sun. Without it, you could get sunburnt and damage your skin, increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Get Out There And Hit The Water

From linen clothes to maxi dresses, these recommendations will help you with what to wear on a yacht day trip. Being comfy whilst looking very chic at the same time doesn’t need to be hard with these tips. At Charter Boat Sydney we’ve got just the yacht you need to make a memorable boat trip or boating party. All you need to do is head to our website and book yours today!

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