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How to sell your CDs & Vinyl at gigs

How to sell your CDs & Vinyl at gigsPhoto from Unsplash

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Probably the most important questions you and your band can ask:

How to sell your CDs & Vinyl at the gigs. 

Even though this might seem a tricky one, there’s actually a system, a system we invented and tested to sell your music during your gigs with style and not coming across as too “salesy”. 

First of all, let’s face the fact that you pressed your physical products, either CDs or vinyl, to get them to your fans. The new fans, the old fans and everyone in the middle. 

But to get them to the public, you have to have a way of, yes, selling them. 

Many say “oh I hate selling; it’s so sleazy etc”. Listen, you have to shift your mindset. 

People love to buy. We get an adrenaline bust when we buy stuff we like. 

On the other hand, we hate to be sold.

So your purpose as a show business person (yep, you provide the show, and you get paid for it – business) is to deliver a product (CDs & vinyl) your audience will love and buy. 

That’s it. 

Your music has to be good. It has to resonate with your fanbase. Otherwise, you will not have any fanbase at all. 

So how do you do it? How do you sell your CDs & vinyl at the gigs?

I’ll talk you through our 3 step formula that, once followed, can generate a lot of new fans, keep the old ones and bank your well-deserved profit. 

Let’s state the obvious – you must have your merch table set up during the gig. This is a must for every artist.


You know what people do when they get in the venue right after grabbing their first drink? They look around to find where the merch table is. 

We love merch. We love getting stuff that will remind us about the experience we had that day. Getting a physical product is a way of locking that experience in. Keep it going even after the gig. 

Don’t take this memory away from anyone, and get your merch table set.

Alrighty. So that’s the 3 step system you should use when you play your gig.


When you enter the stage, once you say the first few things eg hello, thanks for coming over etc, mention, in ONE sentence, that your album or an ep is available to buy at the merch table. 

That’s it. This is the first time you’ll mention it. 

Then carry on with your set.


Around mid-way through your set list, before you start to play your song, tell the story about that song. Tell how you and your band came to write it, what was the inspiration, was there a difficulty when you recorded it.

Pick the song with the coolest story, or story that melts hearts. Pick a song with a story attached to it and tell this story to your audience. 

We all love stories. We crave stories. And once you finish the story, mention that this song is on the album/EP that you released and it’s available to buy at the merch table. 

You see what we’re doing here? We tell the story. We connect using the story. We build a need to be able to reminisce on this story for all those who buy the CD or vinyl. 

Put your heart into it and your fans will love it. 


Final step is at the end of your last song. Keep one of the instruments going in the background (guitars usually work well) and thank everyone for coming up. Tell them how much you enjoyed playing your songs for them and that songs you’ve played are from this album/EP and then grab your CD or vinyl, SHOW it to them and tell them where they can get a copy (merch table).

You can say how much this release means to you and if they’ve enjoyed your show today they’ll love the CD/vinyl. 

It’s important at this stage that you SHOW them the physical format. 

Since you’ve already “warmed” them by mentioning the release at the beginning, they connect with them using the story now you have created a desire for them to own your piece. 


If you’re not sure about using this system, please brainstorm this system with your band mates, with your manager or your close friends.  You’ll be amazed how many of them will agree and this will take a lot of pressure off you. 

This is how you enable your fans to buy your music. This is how you build a fanbase. This is how you get paid for your music

Hope that was helpful, 

If you have any questions please let me know.
Always happy to chat. 

You can email me at



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