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What to Look for in Your Next Supply Chain Job

What to Look for in Your Next Supply Chain JobPhoto from Unsplash

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As you search for your supply chain and logistics job, you should prioritize the things that will help you thrive as a professional.

Knowing your goals and values and partnering with the right recruiting firm will help you find the perfect match.

In the last few years, the supply chain has drastically changed, and as professionals, we need to be well-versed in identifying the right companies that are healthy and great places to work.

We’ve distilled several questions you should ask as you look for the next supply chain job.

Will you be challenged?

What’s your goal? Are you happy with where you are in your career, or do you want to advance? If you want more opportunities, you need to lift the lid on your potential. The best way to do it is by facing challenges that will stretch you.

Don’t be afraid to apply for jobs that you feel slightly under-qualified for. These are ample opportunities to grow. Be honest about your learning journey during the interview process. Excellent soft skills are hard to find, and if you invest in them, you’ll open doors of opportunity even if you lack hard skills.

Another way to seek challenges is studying the company you want to work for. Do they champion growth and conquering obstacles? More importantly, do they embrace failure? You want a workplace that gives itself room to stretch and grow.

Is there an opportunity for upward mobility?

When searching for a job, you don’t want to only meet immediate needs; you want to build a foundation for a better future. You can solidify your growth trajectory by choosing companies that have laid a path for career advancement.

If you want to identify companies with great career potential, find employees in the company through LinkedIn and networking. Find out if they’ve been promoted during their employment. See what skills they have learned and new opportunities they’ve had while working for the company. You should get insight into what your future opportunities would look like with the company.

When you partner with a recruiting firm, they can pull from their vast knowledge and network to help you find this information and identify top companies. As a result, your career can look widely different by choosing a company that provides career opportunities versus one that keeps you stagnating for years.

Does the company have a positive culture?

No one wants to dislike work. And rarely does anyone thrive in a place they hate. Culture has everything to do with your happiness and success.

Think of it like an ecosystem. If you want to start a garden with fresh herbs but the land is hard and dry, you’ll never have a healthy garden. You need to provide suitable soil and environment to make it possible. It’s the same for a workplace.

You can do a fantastic job, but if it’s in a toxic environment, you will risk burning out one day, stifling your career growth, and providing results below your standards.

You position yourself best when you choose a company with a positive culture. As a result, you can provide your best and stand out in your company. You open new doors for future promotions or better job opportunities as you improve.

Do they value their employees?

A positive culture is a critical factor in a work environment and team, but even more important is how well the leaders treat employees. Are they loyal to employees? Do they care about their health and future? You want to identify these things before committing your time, resources, and trust.

Imagine if you’re worried about losing your job tomorrow. Or if you have a manager that doesn’t give you room to make the best decisions in your role. Uncertainty negatively affects your output and promotes poor behavior.

You limit your quality and future career if you are not valued. Therefore, ensure management puts people first in the organization.

Is the company forward-thinking?

Everything changes fast. Pandemics, wars, and looming recessions; are all threats and obstacles that have transformed the industry significantly. If the company you’re interested in does not invest in the right technology, they risk instability and complex challenges to survive.

Not only is forward-thinking management essential for longevity, but it’s vital for your career. As a professional, you want to work with the latest technologies. If you invest your time with a company that uses outdated tech and processes, you may find yourself behind in the industry the next time you look for a job.

During an interview, ask about what tech they use. Then, bring up new processes trending in the industry and see if they have entertained adopting them or if they seem reluctant to change.

What was their response to the COVID-19 disruption?

The pandemic of 2020 shed light on the industry. We could see the firms that prepared for disruptions and which ones failed to survive. Sadly, many failures could be traced from years before it even started.

Because of poor technology, lack of flexibility in the management and culture, and other long-term factors, many firms could not face a drastic shift in the economy and supply chain.

Thankfully, job-seekers have a recent record for each company they are interested in. As a result, they can study how they responded and gain valuable insight into their health.

A job-seeker can study if they are equipped to change fast or if they struggled and barely made it to the horizon. If the company squeezed by, you could review if they changed how they respond and prepare for future uncertainties (and whether they learned from the pandemic or not).

When you study a firm’s pandemic response, you’ll get an intimate glimpse into the company.

Do they align with your values and goals?

Lastly, evaluate if the job opportunity meets your expectations. If it doesn’t, continue searching until you find the right fit.

Job searching has many moving pieces, but when you know exactly what you need and have the right job partner supporting you, you can find the perfect fit for your career.

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