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The Ultimate Guide to Locating Top-Rated Basement Black Mold Assessment Companies Near You

The Ultimate Guide to Locating Top-Rated Basement Black Mold Assessment Companies Near YouPhoto from Unsplash

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From reviews and ratings to pricing and services, we’ve got you covered. So, whether you’re a homeowner, renter, or real estate professional, our guide is the perfect resource for finding the right top rated mold assessment company in your area.

When you decide to conduct a mold inspection in your house or office, a reliable professional inspection company is the best bet. From the initial contact to the last day of the inspection, a professional inspector will help you take the right decision about the presence of molds in the home or office. A professional inspection company will provide you an unbiased report-free of any pressure from the seller or owner- of the property. In addition to this, they will help you identify any existing mold problem and eliminate its growth.

The cost of a complete house mold inspection and testing will vary based on the size of the house and other factors. You can decide on the price depending on your budget. A good company will help you make the right decision about the presence of mold in your home or office.

To prevent the growth of mold inside your home, you can always hire a professional team such as Certified Mold Removal Inc. of New Jersey. They will conduct a full house mold inspection and testing evaluation. They will also identify the source of any potential problems, what type of mold you are dealing with and a complete custom-tailored solution for your home or office. If you are not sure about the legitimacy of a particular company, always do some research online. Remember; You’re looking for a top rated basement mold removal companies near you!

Are All Basement Black Mold Assessment Companies the Same?


Not all basement black mold assessment companies are the same! Top reated mold companies are hard to find! A good place to find a reputable company is by looking at the Google review ratings for a particular company.  They should have at least 20 reviews and a rating of over 4.5 stars to be considered.  You can also go through your neighborhood and community Facebook pages. You should also contact friends and family members who may have used a specific company in the past. Finally, it is best to ask the experts in your area. Remember, it is very important to hire a certified and credible mold inspector who can provide you with detailed inspection and testing services.

There are many benefits associated with mold inspection and testing services including identifying and eliminating the presence of mold. The best way to know these benefits is to hire a professional mold inspection company. There are many companies available on the market that provide such services. There are also many factors to look for when searching for top rated mold remediation companies. If a company is experienced, industry-certified, has customer-friendly employees, and offers detailed reports that include mold types, location, and a detailed remediation plan, this is likely to be a good company to hire.

On the other hand, if a company is new to the market and has no reputation, you should not hire them. Also, if a company is not certified by a reputable industry organization, you should also pass on hiring them. Not only is it important to hire a certified company, but also to make sure that the person doing the inspection and handling the tests is certified as well.

Is Mold Testing a Scam?

Have you wondered if mold testing services are a scam? Mold testing is certainly not a scam!  It is an important first step during the inspection process.  Mold testing services will enable your inspector to fill in the missing pieces that he cannot see visually.  That odor you are smelling may or may not be dangerous to your health.  Mold testing of the air, also known as air sampling, will inform your professional inspector of the type of mold you are breathing in.  It also lets us know the species, quantity, and toxicity.  This is important as the remediation company will need to remove this airborne contamination as part of the mold remediation process.

If your mold remediation company does not know how much contamination is in the air, they will not know how long machines will need to run in your home to effectively remove this airborne contamination. Thus, airborne mold testing services are critical to the success of any basement black mold remediation project. All top rated mold removal companies know this!

Is Mold Remediation a Scam?


As you likely know, mold remediation has grown into a big business over the last decade. Consequently, the mold remediation industry is filled with many bad apples.  These companies pretend to be certified inspection, and removal specialist, however they are actually handyman service companies trying to take your hard-earned money.

The first sign is they offer free estimates.  Remember the age-old adage that nothing good in life is free.  A legitimate company needs to charge for their time. They also will need to test for mold both physical and airborne before begining any basement black mold remediation project.  Scammers will simply come out for free, look around and hand you an estimate for work that may or may not need to be performed. This work will also not address any unseen airborne issues in your home.

So, what should you look out for in top rated mold removal companies?  Most of these companies will use scare tactics on you and your family. They will prey on your health fears.  If you suspect a person conducting a mold inspection in your home is trying to scare you, it is best to send them away.  They are likely just there to take your hard-earned money on the pretext of basement black mold remediation services.

Where Do I Look to Find a Top Rated Certified Basement Black Mold Removal Assessment Company Near Me:

To find a certified mold removal company near you, you can follow these steps:

  1. Research online: Start by conducting an online search for mold removal companies in your area. Use your town and zip code for better results.  This will provide you with a list of companies operating nearby. Use search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
  2. It may sound old fashioned buy you can also crack open your yellow pages phone directory.  Yes, these phone books still exist, and you are sure to find local companies here.
  3. Search for your states department of health website. Your state should have a current list of certified mold remediation companies.
  4. There are many online companies such as Angi’s List, Home Advisor, Thumbtack, as well as many others that will provide you with a list of screened professional mold removal companies in your area.
  5. Finally, word of mouth is always a great way to find an honest local mold remediation company. Check with friends and family or even on Facebook.

Recap of What to Look for in Top Rated Basement Black Mold Remediation & Assessment Companies:


To Sum it up; mold inspection, testing, and remediation services are not a scam. The mold remediation industry is very real. Water damage inside your home or office has caused this need.  Below are some tips on what to look for.

  1. Look for excellent online reviews through Google. A minimum of 20 reviews.
  2. Any company should have 10 or more years of mold remediation experience.
  3. The company utilizes testing before writing your mold removal protocol.
  4. The company and its inspectors are all professionally certified assessment specialists.
  5. The company is willing to put everything they intend on doing in writing.
  6. Check with family and friends for a reputable reference.

Recap of What to Avoid When You Need Mold Remediation Services:

Unfortunately, there are many dishonest companies out there that are posing as certified mold removal specialists.  Below is a summary of what to avoid.

  1. The company has very few Google reviews or have many bad ones.
  2. Uninformed customer service representatives or inspectors.
  3. Companies that utilize scare tactics.
  4. Companies that are new to the industry.
  5. Free inspection and testing services. Laboratory testing services cost money!


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