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7 Benefits of LLumar Window Film for Auto Tinting

7 Benefits of LLumar Window Film for Auto TintingPhoto from Unsplash

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Studies show that young car enthusiasts between the ages of 16 and 24 spend $7.2 billion every year customizing vehicles. One of the most popular vehicle modifications is installing window tint film on vehicle windows.

Do you want to learn more about why LLumar Window Film is the best option for auto window tinting?

Keep reading this guide to read the top seven benefits of this auto tint brand and to get help finding an installer for your window tint needs.

1. Offers UV Protection

One of the biggest benefits of installing LLumar window film on your vehicle is that it offers UV protection to your vehicle. This is important, as most vehicles come with factory glass that doesn’t block the sun’s UV rays.

Without this UV protection, you may find that your skin gets damaged from prolonged sun exposure in your vehicle. This can lead to many dangerous health issues. In fact, nearly 90% of nonmelanoma skin cancers are associated with UV exposure.

Not only can UV rays be dangerous to your health, but they can also cause issues with the interior of your car. These rays can cause the upholstery in your vehicle to crack, fade, and warp over time.

LLumar window tint will block 99% of these harmful rays to protect your health and to protect the interior of your vehicle.

2. Increased Durability

LLumar window tint has impressive durability when compared to other brands. While tinting your vehicle windows can protect your car, it is still a big investment. Because of this, you need to be sure that you are getting the highest quality tint.

LLumar auto tint is rigorously tested and made to meet strict standards. This ensures that they are scratch-resistant and will withstand the daily wear and tear they will receive on your vehicle.

This brand also uses color-stable dye. Unlike other brands, this will ensure that the tint does not experience discoloration. Investing in LLumar will ensure that your window tint looks new for years to come!

3. Easy to Customize

Another reason why customers prefer the LLumar window film brand is that it is easy to customize. This is why it is one of the most popular options for customizing and upgrading a vehicle.

With the LLumar brand, you can get tint shades that range from 5% to 60%. Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for vehicle customization, you can find a tint option that works for your performance and style needs.

When customizing your window tint, make sure you consider the legal tint percentage in your state. You should also consider how much privacy you want from your window tint and how you want your vehicle to look.

4. Safety

Installing LLumar window film on your vehicle will also provide you with increased safety as you drive. This is because it removes the glare of the sun.

Many car accidents are caused by the sun, as it makes it difficult to see clearly. When you have tinted windows, you will always have a clear line of sight while you drive!

Window film also protects you from shattered windows. The extra layer will hold the window glass together if it breaks in an accident and can protect you from shards of glass.


5. Authorized Dealers

LLumar window tint is unique because it is only able to be installed by licensed dealers. This is because the company prioritizes its trustworthiness and reputation, so it will not allow anyone to install its products.

LLumar authorized dealers are professionally trained. They have the leading edge for window tint installation and use the best practices for installation.

When you choose LLumar for your window film, you can feel confident that you will have a superior installation experience.

6. Increased Comfort

You will also experience increased comfort when you drive a vehicle with LLumar window film installed. This is because the window film makes it easier to regulate the temperature of your vehicle.

Not only does it block harmful UV rays, but it prevents heat from transferring into your vehicle. This way, you will not have to use the air conditioner in your vehicle as often. You will also be able to avoid getting into a hot car and burning yourself on your hot steering wheel or seat belt.

As was mentioned before, this window film can also block the glare of the sun to make it easier to see while you drive. You will no longer have to squint and get headaches when the sun is in your eyes!

7. Auto Tint Warranty

Finally, LLumar is the best option for your auto window tinting because it comes with a great warranty. Unlike other brands, LLumar tint offers a lifetime warranty. This warranty offers nationwide coverage that is valid for the life of your vehicle.

The window tint warranty protects against cracking, bubbling, and color changes to your window tint. If you experience any issues with your Llumar window tint, you will be financially protected and will get the issues resolved for free.

To learn more about the auto tint warranty available with LLumar window film, you can find a local dealer that is authorized to install LLumar window tint!

Interested in LLumar Window Film Installation? We Can Help

When you are choosing a type of tint for your window film installation, LLumar is the best choice! Learning more about each of these benefits can help you find the right window film installer for your needs and will help you protect your vehicle.

If you are looking for a LLumar window film installer, Maximum Shade Tinting can help! We offer Llumar auto tinting services as well as PPF installation.

Contact us today to learn more about our auto services or to get a free estimate for your window film installation.

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