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Boosting Confidence: 5 Ways to Help Your Child with Low Self Esteem

Boosting Confidence: 5 Ways to Help Your Child with Low Self EsteemPhoto from Unsplash

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Your child’s healthy emotional development starts with healthy self-esteem. Unfortunately, low self-esteem can rear its head out of nowhere and influence your child’s performance, relationships and mental health. Awareness has increased around nurturing self-esteem in recent years, but children are still not equipped to deal with feelings of low self-esteem. It can be challenging helping your child if they are struggling with low self-esteem, but there are several ways you can help boost their confidence.

Provide Them With Opportunities For Success

Steer clear of the negative or punishing your child for their mistakes; see it as a learning curve where you can show your child other opportunities waiting for them to show their abilities and strengths. Encourage participation in activities that develop their talents or help them boost their confidence in a safe environment like drama classes where they can express themselves without judgement. Being part of activities with other children will give them a sense of purpose. Praise their effort no matter the outcome, this will remind your child of their strengths and that failure isn’t indicative of low self-worth.

Allow Them To Face Their Challenges

Allowing kids to battle may seem counterintuitive, but they must learn to overcome obstacles and solve problems. This will help build their resilience, showing them that failure isn’t something to fear and that life can sometimes present difficult situations. It will also help foster a sense of self-reliance which can help them approach future tasks with the confidence that they can meet the challenge. Entering them in drama classes can help boost their confidence by allowing them to express themselves in a safe environment.

Encourage Independence

The greatest gift you as a parent can give your child from a young age is teaching them how to be independent. Ask them to help with chores around the house, go grocery shopping and run other errands that will require them to be responsible. The more chances you offer your kid to be in charge of their own choices and deeds, the more self-assurance they will develop.

Address The Root Of The Problem

Above all else, it is important to identify the root of your child’s low self-esteem. There could be multiple reasons for low self-esteem, including bullying or intimidation or maybe the weight of school work and achieving getting them down. Please make an effort to discuss the issue with them in an open manner. You can start looking for solutions if you can pinpoint the problem. This could include setting up regular meetings with their teacher, meeting with a counsellor or psychologist or maybe just spending more time talking and listening to their child.

It might take time to build your child’s self-esteem, but as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your child needs space to challenge themselves and learn their independence in a safe environment. Providing them with the love, support and right tools they need to use their strengths and abilities to accomplish their goals is the best any parent can do.

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