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CEO Bijan Burnard And His Hand-Picked Team Of Blockchain DLT Experts At Lattice Labs Are Continuing To Innovate The Blockchain Spectrum.

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Lattice Labs are bringing new sustainability and scalability to the blockchain industry. They are working closely with sports teams, luxury brands, and entertainment companies to develop their own fan portals filled with tokenized products and experiences that can be delivered digitally with speed and security using blockchain.

The blockchain industry is constantly changing and evolving to meet the advancing technology trends such as the increase in the tokenization of products and services using smart contracts. This rapidly growing field needs platforms and networks that can keep up with it and anticipate future trends so that innovation isn’t blocked by technological limitations. 

This is where driven individuals like Bijan Burnard and his passionate team at Lattice Labs come in. This group of blockchain experts are constantly advancing the industry with developments like the Lattice Network to push the blockchain industry boundaries forward. 

Bijan Burnard and Lattice Labs’ vision of Web3

Bijan Burnard is the CEO of Lattice Labs, Monaco-based Blockchain Laboratory who focus on Web3, the upcoming decentralized internet, with a hand-picked team of the top blockchain experts from across the globe. Their focus is on bringing society and brands as people know them into the future by implementing sustainable, scalable, and efficient branded blockchain, Web3, and DLT technology. 

Creating an eco-friendly network is their top priority, as much of the current blockchain industry struggles with this issue. Bijan and the Lattice Labs team are addressing this by developing a break-through ecological layer one blockchain with a network that isn’t yet being used by the public. The future DLT network chain for Web3 Enabled products which is composed of four layers:

-  Data Storage
-  Consensus
-  End-User
-  Data Traffic

What makes common blockchains difficult to sustain for the environment is the massive amounts of data mining that are required. This demands huge amounts of power and electronics to store and find, resulting in the overuse of energy resources. 

Lattice Labs has developed the Lattice Network to begin addressing this. Their technological improvements and advancements are targeted directly at this issue with Web3 to make blockchain and Web3 itself more sustainable and scalable. They’re doing this by removing the Mining element completely unlike other blockchains which require mining to store data. They also focused on the ability to process 7,000 transactions per second and growing, ensuring sustainability and scalability for the future of the industry. 

“Our goal is to develop DLT blockchain technology that is faster, stronger, fairer, and safer for everyone,” Bijan says. 


Lattice Labs has already differentiated itself to other major players in the industry by taking a different stance on blockchain development and their implementation of DLT solutions. This can be seen to be an improvement to the industry. All current projects reap the benefits of the blockchain innovations Bijan and the team at Lattice Labs have made. 

Lattice Network will soon launch its own Web3 backpack to keep users’ digital everything in one place, making this sustainable upgrade to the blockchain industry easy to navigate and utilize. Lattice Network shows itself to be at the forefront of the blockchain movement in the finance and network worlds. 

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